eCATALOGsolutions를 통해 당신의 CAD 시스템 내에서 직접 사용가능한 제품

부품 구매 결정은 제품 개발 단계에서 현저하게 이루어집니다. CADENAS의 전자 제품 카탈로그를 사용하면 엔지니어, 설계자 및 설계자가 제품을 쉽게 결정할 수 있습니다. PARTS4CAD를 통해 귀사 제품의 3D CAD 모델은 다양한 CAD 시스템에 직접 통합됩니다. 클릭 몇 번으로 중간 스토리지 없이 CAD 사용자는 디지털 제품 데이터를 설계에 삽입할 수 있습니다.

Siemens NX
PTC Creo
Autodesk Fusion 360
C3D Labs
Zuken E3 series

eCATALOGsolutions - 판매량 증가의 원동력

제조업체뿐만 아니라 당신의 고객 및 잠재고객에게도 이점 제공

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완전한 통합

번거로운 불러오기 없음: PARTS4CAD는 CAD시스템 내에서 "즉각" 필요한 형상을 생성합니다.

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개별적으로 구성 가능

동적 LOD와 개별 LOD를 포함하여 사용 가능한 제품의 실제 차이

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제품 업데이트

창의적인 디자인을 위한 더 많은 시간: 제조업체의 실시간 업데이트로 인해 최신 제품 정보를 수동으로 검색할 필요가 없음

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멀티 CAD

Fusion360, Creo, NX등과 같은 다양한 CAD 시스템에서 직접 사용할 수 있는 3D CAD 모델

CENIT Fastsuite - manufacturing simulation & virtual commissioning - powered by CADENAS

CENIT Fastsuite a standalone platform, the areas of OLP (offline programming), manufacturing simulation and virtual commissioning are the core of our business activities. Smart 3D Manufacturer Components - based on Industry 4.0 information - out of CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technique empowers engineers to accelerate their digital simulation process This PLUGIN is available through - LINK


Seamless integration of 3D CAD Models into Autodesk Revit powered by CADENAS

CADENAS GmbH offers a new interface for the #CAD software Revit® by Autodesk®. #Autodesk #Revit was developed especially for BIM (Building Information Modeling) and supports in the process of planning and managing high quality energy efficient buildings. Engineers and purchasers in the architecture, building technology and the support structure planning industries can now download 3D CAD models and integrate them directly into their constructions in the Revit format.


Autodesk Inventor Supplier Content Center by CADENAS

Access native Autodesk® Inventor® models from over 2000 leading component manufacturers powered by CADENAS Partcommunity seamless integrated web technology. worksmarterNOTharder


Intégration des catalogues CADENAS dans Autodesk Fusion 360

CADENAS et Autodesk offrent aux concepteurs 3D un accès direct à des centaines de catalogues fabricants et des millions de modèles CAO 3D directement dans Autodesk Fusion 360..


CADENAS Offers Millions of 3D CAD Models for Autodesk Fusion 360TM

Cloud-based Integration with PARTcommunity Mobile Gives Engineers Instant Access to Hundreds of Manufacturer Catalogs. Learn more today: ______________________ Today at Autodesk University 2013, CADENAS unveiled a new integration with cloud-based modeling software Autodesk® Fusion 360™, giving designers direct access to hundreds of manufacturer catalogs and millions of 3D CAD models via the cloud-based download portal PARTcommunity mobile. See the full story: Visit PARTcommunity: Learn more about 3D CAD catalogs: ______________________ For new episode updates, subscribe here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Find out more about CADENAS PARTsolutions:


PARTsolutions Teamcenter Seamless Integration - Search & Compare

The Strategic Parts Management #PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS seemless integrated into #SiemensPLM #Teamcenter. See how the search & compare function helps you to find the best component for your #CAD design.


PARTsolutions Teamcenter Seamless Integration - Catalog Navigation

The Strategic Parts Management #PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS seemless integrated into #SiemensPLM #Teamcenter. Engineers can browse through more than 700 manufacturer certified catalogs with millions of 3D #CAD models respectively intelligent engineering data directly in #Teamcenter.


PARTsolutions Teamcenter Seamless Integration - Export to CAD

The Strategic Parts Management #PARTsolutions powered by CADENAS seemless integrated into #SiemensPLM #Teamcenter. Component from more than 700 manufacturer certified catalogs can be exported to the #CAD system #NX with just few clicks.


Component data portal for Zuken E³.series powered by CADENAS

Users of #Zuken’s E³.series #ECAD environment gain direct access to the CADENAS component portal where they can search for components and load the required parts directly into E³.series. This digital #engineering data are enriched with intelligent information such as electronic symbols, connections points and technical product information.


tekla BIMcatalogs Plugin with HALFEN catalog

Collaboration Tool for TEKLA to life BIM


Tekla integration of powered by CADENAS

With the integration of powered by CADENAS, thousands of #CAD parts from reknown international manufacturers can be inserted into the #BIM software #Tekla with a few clicks.


PTC ThingWorx Navigate & PARTsolutions by CADENAS

PARTsolutions is a management system for supplier and standard parts by CADENAS, which is integrated into the #PTC navigate hub. This allows for constant straight forward universal access to all up-to-date engineering data. In leading-edge companies, the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions helps to reduce and manage components and standard parts easily. Engineers all over the world are utilizing PARTsolutions to save money and increase profitability by reducing design time. The Benefits for PTC Users are: - More than 700 CAD catalogs available - Intelligent 3D CAD models in native Creo formats - Intelligent search methods for components - Perfect master data for #CAD, #PLM & #ERP reduces parts multiplicity


Seamless integration of PARTcommunity into PTC Creo Parametic

PARTcommunity powered by CADENAS is seamlessly integrated into #PTC #Creo Parametic and enables users to insert 3D #CAD models of millions of purchased and standard parts into their designs with just a few clicks.


Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions integrated into HiCAD

The Strategic Parts Management #PARTsolutions supports engineers and purchasers in managing and finding proprietary purchased and standard parts. The software solution has interfaces to numerous CAD systems such as #HiCAD. - Accelerate the design process: With the advanced search functions such as the geometric search, textual search, similarity search, sketch search and many more, you can quickly find parts again and promote the reuse of components. - Reduce development costs: Reduce design and procurement costs by reusing existing parts instead of creating new components. - Promote standardization: Make smart business decisions and clean up your parts world with semi-automated classification.



Die perfekte Ergänzung für TENADO CAD 3D: TENADO PARTS enthält zahlreiche herstellerzertifizierte Produktkataloge, die Ihnen reichlich Arbeit abnehmen. TENADO CAD 3D ist das Allroundtalent für Maschinenbauer, Architekten, Ingenieure und alle anderen, die mit technischen Zeichnungen und 3D-Modellieren arbeiten. Einfacher Einstieg, intuitive Bedienung, professionelle Ergebnisse: Mit TENADO CAD 3D erschließen sich Ihnen ab sofort neue Dimensionen im Konstruktionsprozess. Weitere Infos unter


Plugin bibliothèque CAO pour SOLIDWORKS

Télécharger le plugin : Les éditeurs CADENAS et VISIATIV ont développé un plugin permettant d’accéder depuis SOLIDWORKS à la bibliothèque CAO de CADENAS. Les utilisateurs peuvent intégrer directement et gratuitement dans leurs assemblages des composants en provenance de plus de 400 catalogues fournisseurs par simple glisser/déposer.


IronCAD Integration of 3D CAD Models powered by CADENAS

#IronCAD offers its customers a new service: Engineers and designers can now access millions of 3D & 2D #CAD models from over 500 parts catalogs powered by CADENAS directly in IronCAD. New catalogs and catalog extensions are available at any time without update.


CADENAS import test

this is a test. Treat it confidentially. With questions turn to


Manufacturer Catalogs in VISICAD

500+ free manufacturer catalogs now available for VISICAD

00:00 Plugin inside Allplan

replace BIM Objects inside Allplan


Nemetschek Allplan integration of 3D CAD models powered by CADENAS

With the integration of CADENAS, available 3D #BIM CAD models of manufacturer catalogs can be easily integrated into the existing #Nemetschek #Allplan design with just a few clicks. #CAD #design #architecture


BIM Manufacturer Object Management inside Allplan - BIMcatalogs by CADENAS

How to manage multiple manufacturers inside Allplan


#BIMcatalogs #BIM #AddIn for #Sketchup

The new BIM ADD IN for Trimble Sketchup let the planer and architec simple use manufacturer components and edit them


onShape - Integration of 500 3D CAD Catalogs powered by CADENAS

3D CAD supplier catalogs Millions of 3D & 2D CAD models of supplier- and standard parts for SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, NX, Creo, u.v.m. for free download.


2016 06 16 onShape

CADENAS has fully integrated its millions of part models into Onshape, a new cloud-based CAD system that runs on any computer, tablet or phone. Engineers, designers and builders can now access over 400 3D CAD manufacturer catalogs for free from directly within Onshape.


Elitecad parts4cad import